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New Years Traditions

Hey Y’all:

Just read a status update from a friend on facebook. She listed her menu for New Years dinner and I feel bad that I don’t hold true to the traditions in a common Southern African American household. I searched the web and my heart was warmed seeing all the soul food dishes that will be pipping hot on most tables this coming Friday. My husband however doesn’t agree that this is tradition. I tried to tell him that it is but he doesn’t believe me.

How many of you will have the following on your table tomorrow to bring you ‘luck’ in the new year?
Collard Greens – meant to represent money
Black-eye peas (or Hoppin’ John) – meant to represent coins
Pork – (could be in your black-eye peas) – meant to represent progress

I found this article on the AC that will help give some more background into why these foods were picked.

On New Year’s Day, we remember our southern ancestors and how the American Civil War affected so many American lives. We usually eat black-eyed peas flavored with hog jowl and collard greens for dinner on New Year’s Day for good luck and in remembrance of times of hardship and courage. The black-eyed peas represent coins and the collard greens represent dollar bills. It is said that if you eat these foods on New Year’s Day, you will have plenty of money that coming year. Whether it really works or not, it’s a tradition that southerners follow for dinner every New Year’s Day. Here’s the way I cook my black-eyed peas and collard greens on new year’s day. I always add Louisiana hot sauce on my black-eyed peas and the collards. Fresh spring onions and a pan of cornbread baked in the old iron skillet make this New Year’s Day dinner complete.

Happy New Year. I pray that 2010 is a wonderful year for all of us!

Until next time…

4 replies on “New Years Traditions”

Hey Lady, I don't do Black Eyed Peas. Long story from the time I was little, but just don't like'em. Anyway, we'll be having soup and sandwiches for dinner. I know,,,,I'm boring LOL. Anyway, Meeting you this year, has definately been more than a pleasure. I truly want us to get together next year with our families. So glad we got you blogging. Seems like you've been doing it all along. Have a safe and Happy New Year, and we'll talk next year.


@ Angela to say it was a pleasure is putting it mildly! Thank you so much for all your help with getting me blogging! I am really have a good time at it. Hopefully I'll go as far as you are now. Hugs and Kisses!


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