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Twin Tuesday: Potty Time!

Hey Y’all:

I think it’s officially potty training time in our house! While chatting with my Mom on the phone, Myles ran past me showing his naked behind!

“Myles” I yell, “where is your pamper”

My mom hears me asking Myles and is now on the phone cracking up.

“Wait Deveter did he take it off” she says,

“Yes Mommy it looks that way” I respond and off I go to find the now discarded pamper, hoping and praying that there isn’t a stinky surprise left behind.

Later on that night he did it again! Erick came running out of his room saying “oooooh Mommy I can see Myles’ pee pee” (that’s what we call the penis in our house for now) “Ugh” I say, “did he take his pamper off again?” “Yup” is Erick’s response! Needless to say this time when I put his pamper back on I included a onesie to the mix!

Note to self don’t let Myles walk around the house with just a tee shirt and pamper, when the pamper is wet he WILL take it off!

My Mom potty trained Erick in two weeks. I mean fully potty trained. He has NEVER had an accident at night, never wet himself during driving trips and never had an issue pooping on himself. He was 2 1/2 and good to go. My mom is old school so he didn’t wear pull ups she had little briefs for him and called it a day. He communicated so well (of course she told him that she would beat his hinny if he peed or pooped on himself) and was able to hold his urine for a long time. Most times we had to ask him if he had to pee because he was content just to hold it.

I fear that Myles and Leah are going to be a little difficult so I’m soliciting help NOW!!! Although he didn’t poop on himself he never liked to go (and still doesn’t) we have to force him to sit on the toilet to move his bowels (sorry if this is tmi but I’m a mommy.) I have a really cute video of him sitting on the toilet crying because he didn’t want to make stinky, I’ll be sure to whip that one out when he brings his college girlfriend home to meet us.

Myles and Leah are going to be a bit different and that’s because I have to train them, unless of course I can convince my Mom to come to town for a few weeks! Folks I’m going to need help. Erick didn’t like the actual potty and much preferred the toilet so do I go the same route with the twins or do we buy two potties?

I’m doing my research online and will start reading all the great tips on potty training this week. I just don’t want to find any surprises from Myles on the kitchen floor any time soon (know what I mean?)

My mom says I can do it but I need a little encouragement from you guys so any tips you might have on potty training (two at a time specifically) would be great!

Until next time…


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