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Top 5 Reasons Why…

Hey Y’all:

Now that Christmas is over and hopefully all the candy canes are gone here’s a little list that I thought should be on the top of your list for 2010.

Erick had a dentist appointment a couple weeks and she wants to see the twins to be seen in the new year. As a mom I always say that Erick was my test baby. You know when you are a first time parent you have no clue what you are doing, your kid gets to teach you so you know what you are doing with the rest of them. Right?

Well Erick taught us a VERY expensive lesson regarding oral care.

Here is my top 5 reason why oral care is important early in life.

5. You don’t want a child with yuck mouth so make sure you take them to the dentist when they have about 10 teeth in their mouth or when they turn 2 which ever comes first.

4. Make sure you use a warm cloth to clean your baby’s gum’s and tongue if they don’t have teeth yet.

3. Never I repeat NEVER allow your little one to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. The liquid pools around their teeth and can rot them.

2. If you notice any discoloration on their teeth make sure you take them to the dentist STAT.

1. The number one reason why oral care is important early in life is because dental care is expensive! If you can prevent having a $2,0000 extraction bill for a 3 year old do so. Erick had to have four of his front teeth removed after I gave birth to the twins because his teeth were rotting from sleeping with a bottle. He will now be toothless for his first three years of school! All his class pictures from pre-K to about second grade will look like he lost his two front teeth.

So make sure you get your kids teeth checked every six months and don’t let your baby sleep with a bottle even if it’s water!

Hope this information helps.

Until next time…

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