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Adoption Wednesday – A Conversation with Marian Bennett

Hey Y’all:

Finally took out some time to interview my Mom and get her answers to why she decided to become a Foster and Adoptive Mother.

Now that your youngest child just turned 18 I thought I would pick your brain. Hope you have a little while for some questions that I can share with folks on my blog. I know this has been a journey for you and I think more people need to know about domestic adoption.

Why did you become a foster/adoptive parent?
I became a foster parent because I thought I could make a difference in the lives of children who need it.

How many children did you foster before you adopted a child?
Six children and it was hard to let them go. That’s the thing about foster care you aren’t guaranteed to keep the child(ren). One child that I had to let go really hurt. She was a part of our family and doing so well with us. It was really hard to send her back to her family. I think of her often and wonder how big she is now.

What was the transition like from foster to adoptive parent?

The transition wasn’t difficult because the family of children I adopted were in my care for three years. What was hard was the waiting period. Parents have rights. So we had to wait until the parents rights and those of any family members were terminated. Once that was done we went to family court, when the judge had us say our “I do’s” it was like a weight was lifted. They were now mine!

Would you suggest foster/adoptive parenting to those you love?

Yes. I am actually responsible for my niece and sister adopting four children, church members have become foster/adoptive parents because of me and I would do it all over again.

Hope this “interview” helped and has motivated you to take action. If you have room in your home and your heart think about foster care!

Until next time…


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