hope love MARRIAGE wedding

Keep hope alive!

Hey Y’all:

There is hope for you single folks!

My SVP just told us a story of her mom (76) getting engaged to her 80 year old boyfriend!

The story goes… they dated and were engaged when she was 17 years old. Things didn’t quite work out for what ever reason and they parted ways. They both married and remained with their spouses until death did them part. My SVP’s dad has been deceased for 16 years and her mom’s “boyfriend” has been a widow for 3 years.

The cute couple reunited and rekindled their romance after well over 40 years. Now they are planning a summer wedding! How about that?

So ladies and gentlemen don’t lose hope, there is someone out there just for you. You never know who might resurface from your past!

I know it’s not Valentine’s Day or anything but please feel free to share your sweet romance stories with me!

Until next time…


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