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Private Time

Hey Y’all:

My children are addicted to Nick Jr. the title of this post is from a Little Bill episode. Little Bill and his mom had what his sister April called private time… it’s when you hang out with your mom or dad by yourself. Erick and I try to get our private time in as often as possible.

Today we had private time at home on the couch. We watched The Jungle Book 2, Mulan, The Lion King AND Hercules… it was a true Disney day. We had a great time. But I have to share another day that we had private time and it was really something.

One Saturday morning Erick woke up early and caught me just as I was heading out the door to go food shopping. He asked if he could go with me and have private time, I almost wanted to say no because I needed some mommy time! None the less I said yes and off we went to Pathmark. As we are going down the aisle and picking out the necessary items I asked my smart 4 year old a question, here is how the conversation went.

Me – Hey Erick, how much do you love Daddy?

Erick – Ummm I love Daddy 12

Me – That’s nice. How much do you love Mommy?

Erick – I love you 1

Me – 1? You only love me 1? But you love Daddy 12. How is that possible? I gave birth to you.

Well how much do you love Nana? (my mother)

Erick – 5

Me – So, you love Daddy 12, Nana 5 and Mommy 1

Erick – yes

Me – So how much do you love Leah and Myles

Erick – 0

Me – So let me get this straight, you love Daddy 12, Nana 5, Me 1 and Myles and Leah 0

Ok guys here is where it got ugly, and very “Jewish Mom” (you know how they say Jewish mom’s are good at guilting their children)

Me – I don’t understand how you can love Daddy more then me. I gave birth to you. I do everything for you. How can you love Daddy and Nana more then me? And why do you only love your brother and sister 0? You know 0 means nothing right? I just don’t get this Erick.

My poor baby put his head in his hands and was bewildered he didn’t understand why I was going off on him. He looked at me with his beautiful golden brown eyes and said. OK mommy I love you 20!

I’m not proud of this folks… I pressured my own child to up his love number for me. Can’t say that I won’t do it again… but I’m not proud of it.

What have you done to guilt your children?

Until next time…


2 replies on “Private Time”

Hmm. of course as a mom we want to be loved more then anyone else right? heck we went thru 10month of carrying around the watermelon! But I'm curious to know how he came up with his number system. Next time ask him how he gives numbers…that should be an interesting answer


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