crayon twin tuesday

Twin Tuesday: Myles J. Brown

Hey Y’all:

Welcome to another addition of Twin Tuesday.

Today I’d like to chat about my bonus baby! Myles Jermaine Brown (aka Pop, Poopie Popie or Mylisie). Myles is twin B and therefore the last child within the Brown Crew or as I like to say, our bonus baby. Myles is very active and looks exactly like his big brother when he was is age.

Myles is the clown of the family and our little Picasso! He is not allowed to have crayons, pens, pencils or anything thing else he can use to write on the wall! He has marked up just about all the walls in the living room and has moved on to his room. When we catch him with a writing implement he looks at us, then the wall, then takes off running. We chase him around the living room into Erick’s room to confiscate said item.

Recently my baby boy has learned to make a sad face! If you tell him not to do something (like write on the wall) he’ll hold his little head down and say “oh no” or “awwww man” ala Swiper from Dora the Explorer. My Mylisie is a sweet baby boy who truly completes our family. And he’s cute as all get out!

When I look at Erick and Myles together I really think it’s true what they say about mother’s and their sons… there is just something about that relationship! I love Leah to pieces, she’s a mini me! But those boys… I don’t know what it is.

Well until next time…

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