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Twin Tuesday: Leah Simone

Hey Y’all:

Miss Leah Simone (a.k.a. Missy, Mama, Missy Moo or MoonPie) is the oldest of the twins. Our first meeting was beautiful! One of my eyes were closed and so was one of hers. She was the most precious sight I’d every seen. During the pregnancy she was hidden beneath her brother os we didn’t get any 3D pictures of her cute little face, like we did for Myles. She was hidding because she wanted me to be amazed at the georgous little girl I would give birth too.

Missy (that’s what I call her ) is very sassy but also quite nurturing to her brothers and Daddie. I love to watch it when she rubs their heads or pats Myles and Erick on their back to help them go to sleep.

Yesterday Missy was being her usual sassy self, jumping off and on a chair, running up and down the hall and talking up a storm. I think she might have been effected by all the Kix cereal she consumed! Here is the first Leah Simone story to grace this blog… trust it will be one of MANY.

As I said yesterday she was being super sassy. Myles was asleep and she was having her fill of Kix and playing on her chair. I had to take the Kix away from her so she could eat a proper meal. After they ate it was time for mommy to get her grub on. If you are a mother you know that we NEVER eat alone! I thought for some strange reason they would let me be since they had just finished their meal. Of course that was NOT the case. I made my plate of leftover lasagna, garlic bread and glass of ginger ale. I set myself up at a tv tray and got ready to dig in. Well Missy didn’t like how this was going down, so she finds a chair and scoots her little self over to my tv tray climbs up on the chair and tries to help me eat… well the table wasn’t very steardy so the soda feel into my plate of food! I was HOT….

I got up

Walked toward the back of the house and breathed.

Erick came in front of me…. “mommy want’s the matter” he asked. “I’m trying to calm down” I say. My oldest child puts his hand on my belly and says “breath in, and breath out. That’s how you calm down mommy” I did as I was told and actually got myself under control and said “thank you Erick you are such a big help”

I cleaned up the mess and ate my hubby’s portion of the left overs!

After I finished eating I attacked Leah’s hair! She HATES getting her hair done! This time she didn’t even cry!

Until next time…


One reply on “Twin Tuesday: Leah Simone”

hilarious!! not only is leah sassy, she's SMART, too!!! yup… miss missy knew that sitting still & not making a fuss during hair-time was the least she could do since she made mommy have to eat daddy's leftovers! Lol

awww, erick is the best… 🙂

poor daddy…. LOL


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