Honey I locked the kids….

Hey Y’all:

Yesterday was quite an eventful one for the family.

My Husband locked his keys in the car, no problem we have AAA.

The twins were in the car.


Here is the story as it was told to me, wayyyy after the fact.

My beloved and the twins were at the laundromat, the twins are super active at 19 months old so hubby decided to keep them in their car seats. At this point they were eating Burger King and watching a Nick Jr. DVD. The clothes were done washing so Daddie (that’s what the twins call him) decided to run in and put the clothes in the dryer. He loaded the twins up with french fries, picked up the fabric softener sheets, put them in his pocket and put the clothes in the dryer. By the time he was done he realized it was time to pick Erick up from school. He runs back out to the car, reaches in his pocket for the keys to disarm the alarm and….

They weren’t there

The keys weren’t in his pocket

The keys were in Erick’s carseat besides Leah who was strapped in her carseat eating french fries.

He paused

Didn’t panic this time like he did when he locked the keys in the car on our 13th anniversary while we were away in CT earlier this year. This time he didn’t call 911 he called AAA. They told him to hang up and dail 911 since the kids were in the car!

The dispatcher sent auxilary police and two female police officers. They checked to make sure the twins weren’t in danger but had to wait for the crew to come and unlock the car doors. Once they determined the twins were physically fine (all the french fries were now gone, so they were crying their little heads off) and the hubby wasn’t in trouble.

He then tells them he has another problem… he needs to pick Erick up from school! The auxilary police take him to the school, while the two police officers wait with the twins. Hubby picks Erick up in the auxilary police car, when they get back the crew who unlocks the door is there. Hubby takes Leah out of the car and one of the officers take Myles out of the car…

Erick taps his father and say “oooooh Daddy, Myles and Leah are going to jail” hubby says “no they aren’t” and chuckles.

The twins are fit to be tired…. The police officers tell hubby that he’s ok and to just be careful. The clothes are dry and the twins are now running around the laundrymat!

Fun times for the Browns! What a Journey! This bought to mind the one and only episode of Modern Family i’ve seen

I’m thinking we need OnStar! Do they make that for Camary’s.

Would love to hear a story from you.

Until next time…


4 replies on “Honey I locked the kids….”

OMG. I have ONSTAR and we have a CHEVY but I am not sure that CAMRY's have them. But call and follow through cuz husbands are known for leaving their keys in the car. What a great story. Keep doing this girl. The world needs


Oops. 🙂

Sounds like your hubby's day went a lot like my last week went…

I locked my oldest in the car once when she was four or five. The problem was that she was buckled securely into her carseat. After lots and lots of coaxing she wiggled her way out. In tears, but she did it. She was my little hero!


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