co-sleeping family bed

Ode to my bed…

Hey Y’all:

At one time you were all mine. The hubby and I could lay across you with plenty room to spare.
Now my dear bed you are over crowded.
There isn’t room to move around from side to side
No room to stretch my arms wide
No room my dear bed for the rightful owners to occupy!

Listen folks I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but I’m not a fan of co-sleeping or the family bed! For the past four years my husband and I haven’t had a full nights sleep in or own bed (except for the RARE occasions the kids are gone all at one time, which is almost NEVER) We have been officially kicked out of or own bed.

Most children only sleep in their parents bed if the parent is actually present, not the three Brown children. They could care less if we are in the bed or not. Erick, Leah and Myles believe the queen sized bed in our room belongs to them. We moved out of a two bedroom dwelling into a three bedroom to give everyone enough space but it feels like we live in a studio apt between the hours of 9p.m. and 6a.m.! The twins absolutely REFUSE to sleep in their cribs. I’ve tried everything, we went through the “let them cry stage” tried to get them to sleep together, I even went to the extreme measures of leaving a tee shirt I’d previously worn, in the crib to see if it was my scent they needed. NOTHING has worked!

On a good night (which again is rare) we all start off in our respective spaces. The twins fall asleep in my arms and I carry them to their crib. Erick is tucked into his comfy Thomas themed bed and mommy and daddy both head off to the confines of the ‘master suite’. Then around 3 a.m. all hell breaks loose. Erick makes his way into our bed, we send him back to his, he comes back, we take him back, he returns… after the fourth back and forth I’m to tired to fight so he remains in the bed with us. Then around 3:30 a.m. Leah starts crying we go check on her, give her back the pacificer, she’s not consolded so we end up picking her up and bringing her to the bed. It’s 4:00 a.m. and Myles is now awake and wants out of his baby jail as well. By this time all five of us are in the bed.

My back is killing me because Erick feels the need to put his foot in it. Leah is laying on her dads chest and Myles is somewhere in the middle (I have to put him in the middle to make sure he doesn’t fall out of the bed!) I decide I can’t take it anymore so I head to Erick’s bed. One of the twins might cry again for something to drink so the hubby gets a drink for them and decides he can’t take the crowd either so he pulls out the couch beds and calls it a ‘night’. By the time we all wake up in the morning, no one is where they started off.

What do I do?

Until next time…


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