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Parent Teacher Confrence 2009

Hey Y’all:

Yesterday was Erick’s first kindergarten Parent Teacher conference. Getting there was a struggle as I had to leave work to run home to then run around the corner with all three children and the hubby in tow!

So we get to the school and Erick is elated to show us his classroom K002! We reach the outside of the classroom and a very cute little girl was super excited to see him! He was a perfect gentlemen and introduced her to his family. “Jasmine meet my Mommy, Mommy this is Jasmine.” too cute and of course he did this to all of us… Leah and Myles included. His art work and class work were displayed which made me very happy. Hubby had to leave us there so he could go to work and he left me with these parting words “Babe please be nice to her.” He had to tell me this because I’m honestly not a fan of hers.

Not that she has done anything to Erick but she’s just not that good of a teacher from what I can see. In our minds she has a very high bench mark to meet. Erick’s PreK teacher was PERFECT! Mrs Robin and her Para Teacher Mrs Regina were Godsends last year. They were consistent and SEASONED…. Little Ms H (don’t want to use her full name) IS NOT. She is inconsistent with just about everything she sends out to us. I don’t feel a connection with the person my child spends most of his time with and I don’t like it.

So anyway when it’s my turn she gets straight to the point about his test scores. When she gave me the numbers I was a little upset because I know Erick knows the stuff he was tested on. I know this because he practices everything he learns on us! So when she said he scored low on his fundations (for those who don’t know Wilson Fundations for K-3 is a phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program for the general education classroom. Fundations is based upon the Wilson Reading System® principles and serves as a prevention program to help reduce reading and spelling failure.) I was a little upset. So being the mother that I am… I called my beautiful and bright child over and had him recite all the letters and their corresponding words and sounds. She was dumb founded

Well I said “so what do you think the problem is” She didn’t have an answer so I said, “I think he doesn’t test well, as you can see he knows all his letters and all the fundations” dummy. I didn’t say dummy but I wanted to … any who I go on to ask her additional questions about how I can get him to test better so forth and so on. Then then asks me if I want to see his folder of work (which by the way only had like three items in it, aren’t we in November shouldn’t they have more then three items in their folders?) I’m wondering if any parent would say “nope don’t wanna see the folder thanks” ugh… Then she said something else dumb and I said “hey Erick come recite your address and phone number for Ms. H.” When he did with perfect precision she was yet again dumb founded. I think this whole ordeal upset me because I was in the classroom when she told a parent before me that her child was one of the brightest in the class and she didn’t say that to me. All said I think I was nice to her…

So as we left I didn’t bother to pick up all the toys that Leah and Myles scattered around the room (bad right?) or even say thank you for your time…

Getting home was crazy, having to go down steps with 19 month old 20something pound twins is no joke. They then wanted to run around the corner… I lost Myles pacifier and didn’t pay attention to Leah when her sneaker fell off her foot. Didn’t eat dinner until after 10 but was in bed by 11:15. what an evening!

Well… until next time

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