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Twin Tuesday: The Beginning

Hey Y’all:

October 1, 2007 was the day that changed my life. It was the day when my hubby, son and I would get to see our new baby on the sonogram! We were really anxious about this doctors appointment because this pregnancy was nothing like the first. Yeah, with Erick I had morning (or all day) sickness and weird aversions to the smell of regular items like plastic (I have a funny WalMart story I’ll share on day) but I was only 8 weeks along in this pregnancy and I was ALWAYS sick. I couldn’t take the smell of perfume or cologne, would gag at the thought of fried food and God forbid I walk by McDonald’s; I would throw up on sight.

Of course in my mind I was rejoicing (after I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth, that is) because I knew all of these different physical reactions could mean only one thing, we were having a girl!!!!

When we walked into the office we were the only people there and figured this would be a super quick uneventful visit. The Hubby used his better judgment and stayed in the waiting room with then 3 yr old Erick, while I went into the office for the exam. All was going well, the tech and I were making small talk about her children when all of a sudden she stops talking, gets real serious and says; “Mrs. Brown I think we should call your husband in.” At this point I wasn’t even looking at the sonogram machine. I was looking at the ceiling trying to figure out what I could eat for breakfast that would stay down! I turn my head toward the tech and say
“is everything OK?” I then look at the screen and see two little masses; one was bouncing around the other was floating back and forth. I look at the tech and say, “please don’t tell me those are twins” she said; “OK” then leaves the room to get my boys. When they come back in the room she looks at my husband and I and says, “congratulations you are having twins.” The first words my beautiful husband says is “that’s cool” he then goes on to say to me, “babe that explains why you have been so sick.” I put my head in my hands and said “cool? Is that all you can say is cool?” Then I went on to mumble “twins, what are we going to do with twins?”

Needless to say the rest of the day was a blur!

Can you guess which of these characters was the bouncer?

Any other twin Mommy’s out there?

Until next time…

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