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Top 10 Reason Why…

Hey Y’all:

I know it’s not Thursday but during my commute into the city this morning I was inspired.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why you should NOT eat in public –
Especially on public transportation!!!

10. It’s nasty

9. There are signs posted that say you shouldn’t

8. It’s messy

7. I don’t want to hear you smacking your lips or sucking the juice from your orange

6. You didn’t bring enough on the train for everyone to eat. Isn’t there a rule out there about sharing?

5. I don’t want to hear you trying to get the pulp out of your teeth after eating said orange.

4. I am allergic to nuts. If you come on the confided bus (that has zero ventilation because the darn windows don’t open) cracking your red pistachio nuts and then have a conversation (over my head) with the driver I am going to have an allergic reaction and pass out!

3. It’s rude

2. Just because you enjoy Chinese chicken and broccoli doesn’t mean the entire train does. Don’t you know broccoli stinks? When you leave the train folks who come on after you think that those of us who remained had a bowel movement right there on the A train.

#1 reason why you shouldn’t eat in public is because your mother taught you better. Come on now, what would Big Mama say if she knew you were eating her prized potato salad on the B25 bus? She would not be happy with you! I mean yeah there are exceptions for Amtrak (dining car) and Trailways/Greyhound (the bus has rest stops where you can eat that cold fried chicken and corn bread.

Don’t you hate when folks do things they know should be reserved for in doors???? What say you?

Until next time…

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