reasons why Top 5

Top 5 Reasons Why…

Hey Y’all:

Top 5 Reasons Why…

Mommy should check her purse, briefcase and pockets before she heads out the door.

  1. You might find the pacifier you were looking for all night long.
  2. Kids love to leave you presents, however mistaking your huge purse for the garbage is no fun – it won’t look good pulling out a dirty diaper instead of your makeup case!
  3. When reaching in your pocket to pull out some change to pay for your newspaper; it’s not a good look to hand the man two quarters and a handful of Cheerios.
  4. Thomas and Friends (you know the tank engine) should not cause you to be searched because the medal detector went off when you were reporting to jury duty.
  5. When asked for a piece of tissue or napkin by a co-worker it’s never cool to pull out the snotty tissue you used to wipe Erick’s nose; tear off the corner where you think the snot is, and then pass it on… saying “this side is clean go ahead use it”

Today I found one of the twins pacifiers in my pocket and a bottle of children’s cough medicine that I purchased last night and apparently forgot to take out of my bag.

Hey Mommy, what’s in your purse????

Until next time…


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