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Today’s "AH HA" moment!

Hey y’all:

Ok so after all my little pity party having self last night I realized that I was being a really self centered somebody!

My “AH HA” Moment –
Here I am married to a man who is working on building an entertainment empire while being a ‘stay at home’ Dad and I’m moaning about not receiving a birthday card! What is my problem? This man is the most attentive, patient and loving individual I know, he takes care of his handicapped mom’s business affairs (every 3rd of the month he has to put his business on hold so he can take care of her), listens to my complaints but never complains, takes care of our children during the day while trying to work on the computer and then goes out to work at night, yet he still has time to make me smile.

Needless to say we had a bit of a communication issue yesterday (I didn’t tell him that I was taking the day off and he didn’t tell me that he had to work last night) so I had a bad attitude and didn’t enjoy my birthday because I didn’t feel celebrated! I didn’t consider what he was going through and how he did try to make plans (he wanted to take me out to lunch but I didn’t share that I would be home) and the day just turned to mush. Thankfully we have a WONDERFUL relationship and were able to have a really good conversation (and more hehe) when he did get home last night. I realized that my beloved is overwhelmed being self employed and I need to step up my game and not be so self absorbed.

My birthday present to myself this year was a true smack in the face… “girl you aren’t 15 you are a 35 year old woman with three children, a husband and more responsibilities then just being celebrated ON my birthday” that man celebrates me everyday with simple gestures (washing the dishes after I cook, allowing me a few extra hours of sleep on Saturday, making sure there is always milk in the fridge for the babies and most importantly taking care of ALL our finances so we aren’t out in the cold, sitting in the dark or car less). My husband is truly a superstar and today I’m so grateful that my gift includes his smile, caress and unconditional love!

Ok, I know i’m not the only one! Hit me up and let me know if you’ve ever had as seriouslly self centered moment!

Until next time…

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