Not so Happy Birthday to me

Hey Y’all:

So today is my 35th birthday! Have you ever built your self up for something but didn’t prepare for the let down? I was really excited to celebrate my big day all week long… I’m really blessed and grateful to be in the land of the living

But have you ever just felt uncelebrated? Well that’s how I feel today. Now don’t get me wrong all my friends sent me awesome shout outs via Face Book and text message, my mom made her customary 7:00 a.m. call (minus the song though) and I received a couple cards in the mail; but I think I was expecting more. More from the ones who count. I was looking forward to the hand made card from my son, the over sized birthday card my husband used to provide, maybe some flowers or something to unwrap; I mean I wasn’t looking for anything earth shattering, just a little something to show that I’m important to this world and without me something would be messing, but alas I didn’t receive any of those things.

So needless to say y’all it’s been a pretty uneventful birthday and I’m just not feeling the love the way I thought I would. It’s only 8:20 p.m. so maybe there is still hope for a little surprise something something. If not I’ll just have to enjoy the dinner I cooked for myself and the birthday cake my Uncle baked yesterday and call it just another day.

Have any of you experienced an uncelebrated birthday?

well… until next time

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