eco friendly halloween

Happy Halloween

Hey Y’all:

I don’t celebrate Halloween but since they were asking the kiddies to dress up at school today I decided to go ahead and get Erick a costume. Well why did my son just want to wear his costume from last year?

I don’t get it! Why did that little boy ask me to buy him a new costume if he was just going to recycle? I’m all for being eco friendly but I mean he picked the new costume out! Why was I going through the house this morning trying to find all the pieces to a Batman costume that he has been wearing ALL year? Any who he was cute as a button in his rerun outfit!

Gotta love the kiddies. Hey what are y’all doing for Halloween? Dressing up? Going trick or treating? Is it even safe to go trick or treating these days?

Hope you have a FABULOUS day!

Until next time


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