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Top 10 Reasons Why…

Hey y’all!

Today begins my top 10 list of Reasons Why… This list will range from Top 10 reasons why I love writing to the top 10 reasons why I hate the MTA! I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle. Be sure to leave your top 10 list!

Top 10 Reasons Why…
I love being a Mom

  1. Erick, Leah and Myles give me a reason to be a better person
  2. They make me smile when I really want to cry
  3. They remind me of the love I have for my husband
  4. I get to say “Because I said so”
  5. I can use them as an excuse to leave early (you know leave work early or an outting with people I really don’t like) I love using the line “Well you know I have to get home to the kids”
  6. They are living examples of my creativitiy
  7. They prove God answers prayer
  8. I get to call my mom and thank her for putting up with 9 of us. I totally ‘get’ her now!
  9. Hearing mom, mommy or mama is like music to my ears
  10. I get to play and watch kids movies that I really love without having to make an excuse

Don’t forget to leave your list.

Until next time.


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