first blog welcome

I’m Blogging!!!

Hey y’all welcome to Mrs Deveter’s Fabulous Journey.

While HangingwithMrsCooper, listening to BlasianBabyNotes and relating to TheYoungMommyLife on a Magical Mocha Mom’s adventer at Walt Disney World, I was inspired to start my blog! Chilling with these ladies really got me to thinking so I had to AskWifey how to tweet and get down with all the awesome things that were going on in the bloggispher! Now I’m here and ready to chat it up!

I hope you will stop by often and see what fab journey my husband the awesome musician Stix BONES and three children Erick, Leah and Myles are taking me on! Trust me there will be plenty here to make you laugh and maybe even cry as I talk about being a mom of twins and the deperate need for domestic adoption along with a host of other topics that just peek my interest!

Until next time!

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