3 little browns twin love twin tuesday

Twin Tuesday: Lean On Me

Since their residence in my womb he has leaned on her for support.

Outtake from a video shoot.

This video accurately depicts Leah and Myles. Since their residence in my womb he has leaned on her for support. During my pregnancy he leaned on her so much she stopped growing! My c-section was scheduled but had to be pushed up so she could get some space.

This outtake is from a video they were recording for our church anniversary. We have been members of New Life Cathedral for 10 years. It is the only church they have ever been members of. Since April we have been attending virtual church services and they have contributed videos for a few. I think they are often called on because they are funny, energetic and truthful.

Last year they had the opportunity to star in their schools rendition of The Lion King Jr. He was Scar and she was adult Nala. They both enjoy creative arts, from drawing, painting to playing the drums and singing. We are very proud of the tweens they have become and look forward to an exciting and eventful future for them.

I don’t know how far they will stray away from home when they get older, but what I do know is that they will never be so far away that they can’t lean on on another and another cheer each other on.

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