Blessings in a Pandemic

I was laid off from my job on February 5, 2020. I worked Downtown Manhattan, where many international visitors converge to enjoy all the wonders of our great city, from the Freedom Tower to the 911 Memorial, Downtown Manhattan is a hotbed for tourist.

I was laid off from my job on February 5, 2020. I worked Downtown Manhattan, where many international visitors converge to enjoy all the wonders of our great city, from the Freedom Tower to the 911 Memorial, Downtown Manhattan is a hotbed for tourist. My commute to work included hopping on the typically packed 4/5 train. I share all of this to remind you what was happening in America in Feb of 2020. This was when we first heard the words Coronavirus or Covid-19. Being laid off in February was the best thing that could have EVER happend to me.

The 2nd week of March was when New York became the epicenter of the virus and Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a State of Emergency. Schools were closed and businesses were shut down. I wasn’t worried, I trusted in God (I’m still trusing God) to make a way for us. The blessing is I was able to be at home with my children and to help a young lady who is a postal worker; by home schooling her daughter. We were given breaks on rent, car note and insurance payments.

Around April things were looking bleak! I wasn’t approved for unemployment and money was TIGHT. The twins were turning 12, their birthday plans had to be altered from a trip to Dave and Busters to a birthday car parade. Every time I opened Facebook I saw a RIP post. To be totally honest I was among the folks who initially thought Covid was not a big deal. It wasn’t until I heard the first hand account of a family member who survived, that I became a believer that it’s more than ‘just the flu’. It gets real when it hits home. I was applying for jobs every day. Received a code for Linkedin premium and connected with people from my previous jobs looking for networking opportunities. I didn’t have one interview!

May was tough but we remained positive, prayerful and creative! Still no unemployment but friends and family were blessing us with Cashapp deposits and food bank drop offs. There were certainly a lot of disappointments in May one major one was, the twins not seeing the Lion King on Broadway for their 6th grade graduation trip. June was supposed to be a month of celebration! Field day, graduation, graduation party and school dance unfortunately all of that was canceled. Instead we had a drive by graduation and dinner at home. Still no unemployement but my crochet business Leah Simone Designs began to take off! I started using social media more to promote my crochet earring line and people started buying them like hotcakes.

July was low key I was still applying to jobs at 2 O’clock in the morning because that was the season of firecrackers and and no sleep. Thankfully July was the month that I began to receive unemployment! It was also in July that I decided to create a website for my crochet business.

A great friend of mine who is also a crochet artist shared a job post with me at a luxury crochet hook company. The position wasn’t something that I would go after on my own but I decided ‘hey why not’, the worst they can say is no! So I applied to the position. Fast forward to the first week of August, I received an email from the company for an interview. Because this was a virtual interview I called up a friend who works in HR, to help me prepare for the call. She gave me great pointers like, treat the virtual interview just like an in person meeting. Dress the part, speak clear and concise, take notes, and make sure you ask questions. All great points that I used. Thank you sister friend!

My interview was scheduled on Wednesday, was told I would hear back on Monday as they were still interviewing. I sent my thank you note, and a few hours later I received an email that the President of the company wanted to meet me the NEXT day. I wowed the President and on Friday I received an offer letter. The kicker is the position I was offered wasn’t even for the job I interviewed for! They created a position for me.

I shared this to let you know that God is working during this pandemic. I’m so grateful for all the support that I have received from my friends and family on so many levels. I am thankful for my husband who supports me tirelessly. I’m thankful for children who encourage me, telling me how awesome they believe I am. I’m especially thankful for my church family. The word of God and the prayers have been a blessing to my entire life.

To everyone reading this please be encouraged. We have seen a lot of life lost during this pandemic but there have also been so many good things that have come out of it. Everything isn’t perfect for me and I doubt that they ever will be, but what is perfect is God and His keeping power.

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