3 little browns

#TwinTuesday: Generations

Recently Star Wars has been big news. The latest in the series will be released this holiday season. A couple weeks ago they premiered some of the toys that will end up being collectors items. From what I understand folks were standing in line outside to be the first to purchase the toys.

Walmart has some pretty cool commercials running that showcase the generations of Star Wars watchers. The one that stands out to me is the one where the dad gifts his son a Star Wars themed toy and then a fast forward to the son who is now a dad, gifting his daughter a Star Wars toy, with grandpa int he background. It’s fun to see the love of a particular brand, show etc. being passed down through the generations. What does this have to do with #TwinTuesday well…. the Star Wars story is about families and generations and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are twins.

The 3 Little Browns are very blessed, at 7 and 10 yrs old they have their paternal great grand parents, and grand mother and their maternal grand parents, in their lives. They get to spend summer vacations with my mom (Nana) in NC, weekdays with their paternal grandmother (Grandma in the Brown house) and random stops with their great-grandmother (Grandma in the yellow house). Each of their grandmothers mean the world to them. I love the story of generations and I’m thankful that my children have what I didn’t have growing up in their grandparents. Grandparents show them love that supersedes their behavior, which can sometimes be questionable and teach them valuable lessons about life.

Here are some pictures of the twins and their grandmothers.

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