daddy school summer 2013

Summer Fun 2013 – Daddy School

Hey Y’all,

Last year this time I was unemployed and the twins reaped the benefits of Mommy being home. Although I didn’t have much money I made the most of our days together with Mommy School in the morning and fun field trips in the afternoon. We visited Imagine That Children’s Museum, Turtle Back Zoo, Scribbles in the Mall and took a few day trips to visit some of my stay at home mom friends. They loved every single moment of my unemployment and their private time with me.

This year however I’ll be making my way to work everyday except Friday and Daddy will be working from home. I took a hint from my good friend Tara over at The Young Mommy Life and have set up a nice schedule for the Three Little Browns who won’t be going to summer camp and only visiting Nana for a few weeks.

Monday – Friday

  • 10:00 – Noon 
    • Daddy School. – It is imperative to keep those little minds going during the summer. Daddy School will consist of reading comprehension, math and social studies for Erick and Penmanship, learning their address, basic math, site words and coloring inside the lines for the twins. Crafts will also be apart of daddy school. Mommy will check everything when she gets home in the evening. Tasks will be done both on and offline. We have access to very good educational sites and we’ll make use of them for all age groups. Our top 3 online sites are 
  • Noon – 1:00 pm 
    • Lunch
  • 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 
    • Free play (snack will fit in here somewhere)
  • 3:00 pm -4:00 pm
    • Reading Circle – Summer reading guide for all age groups can be found here
On field trip days the schedule will be adjusted depending on the field trip location. If it’s a late afternoon trip then Daddy School be still be in session.
Here are some of the places I will encourage him to take them.

How is your summer with the kiddies shaping up? Anybody going to summer school or camp? I’m always open to ideas so please share in the comments section.
Until next time…

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