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The Battle of the Beds! Round 1

Hey Y’all: I’ve talked about this on a few occasions but today I’m determined, to get my kids out of my bed. I am currently sitting at my desk with a Tiger Balm heat wrap around my neck because my three children insist upon sleeping with my husband and I. This morning I woke up […]

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This and That

I know I know … it’s been forever. Well the summer is finally winding down and I can write. Honey what a summer it has been. The children were gone for just about two months so the hubby and I have had the best quality time together. We truly enjoyed ourselves while the children where […]

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I miss….

my children! I never knew that I could miss them as much as I do right now. My babies have been in NC with my mother for the bulk of the summer, which was a well deserved break for my husband and I but Lord knows that I didn’t realize how much I would miss […]

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Twin Tuesday: Underwear Madness

Hey Y’all: I haven’t posted a twin Tuesday in quite a while. I figured you might get a chuckle out of this one. Nana sent the twins some underwear the other day. Thomas and Friends for Myles and the Disney Princesses for Leah. Myles was so excited to see Thomas printed on something that he […]

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She’s Back…

Hey Y’all: Sorry I’ve been MIA but my brain was in need of a break! I’m back and have plenty to share. Last night by beautiful big boy kissed me every so gently on my cheek and then my arm and said “Mommy I love you. You are my girlfriend.”“I love you to but I’m […]

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Figure it out!!!

Hey Y’all: Yesterday after a visit to my office my boys tried to drive me insane. They were fighting over Spencer one of the steam engines from Thomas and Friends. Now there are two Spencer’s in our house one big one and one smaller one. Erick was playing with the bigger Spencer and of course […]

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Hey Y’all: As we walked into our house a couple Sunday’s ago Erick walked up to his father and said;“Daddy are you sure Leah and Myles are a part of our family?”I was still walking up the stairs and couldn’t believe my ears.“Babe, did Erick just ask you if Leah and Myles belonged to the […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why… I Love Being a Mommy

Hey Y’all: I am feeling kinda nostalgic today. I found a baby picture of my almost 2 year old twins and just about cried. Have you ever looked at an old picture, heard an old song or even watched an old movie that took you back to the moment it happened? When I looked at […]

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Twin Tuesday: A Picture

Hey Y’all: Don’t have much to say today so I figured I’d share a¬†few pictures with you. After all a picture is worth 1000 words so here is 3000! The precious 3 Myles in Leah’s baby doll carriage Myles in Leah’s baby doll carriage

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Twin Tuesday: Potty Time!

Hey Y’all: I think it’s officially potty training time in our house! While chatting with my Mom on the phone, Myles ran past me showing his naked behind! “Myles” I yell, “where is your pamper” My mom hears me asking Myles and is now on the phone cracking up. “Wait Deveter did he take it […]