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Twin Tuesday: Permanent Marker

Hey Y’all: A funny thing happened last night. Leah and Myles got a hold to a black sharpie! Now you all know that Myles is our Picasso in the making right? So you wanna know what happened? He found a canvas and began to draw! Fun times at my house. I didn’t know that rubbing […]

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Twin Tuesday: Potty Time!

Hey Y’all: I think it’s officially potty training time in our house! While chatting with my Mom on the phone, Myles ran past me showing his naked behind! “Myles” I yell, “where is your pamper” My mom hears me asking Myles and is now on the phone cracking up. “Wait Deveter did he take it […]

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Twin Tuesday: Sista Friends

Hey Y’all: In 2000 I was employed at AOL and met a few life long friends, one of them was Nicole Perez. Nicole isn’t just my friend, she’s my Puerto Rican Sister. I was the witness at her wedding and she was one of the first people I told that I was pregnant with Erick. […]

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Twin Tuesday: The Christmas Tree

Hey Y’all: So we (I) finally put up the tree on Monday night! It was a task! Some of the lights didn’t work (had to call my mom in NC to figure out how to fix them), it’s an artificial tree so I have little scrapes from the branches AND as I put ornaments on […]

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Twin Tuesday: Myles J. Brown

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another addition of Twin Tuesday. Today I’d like to chat about my bonus baby! Myles Jermaine Brown (aka Pop, Poopie Popie or Mylisie). Myles is twin B and therefore the last child within the Brown Crew or as I like to say, our bonus baby. Myles is very active and looks […]

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Twin Tuesday: The Beginning

Hey Y’all: October 1, 2007 was the day that changed my life. It was the day when my hubby, son and I would get to see our new baby on the sonogram! We were really anxious about this doctors appointment because this pregnancy was nothing like the first. Yeah, with Erick I had morning (or […]