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Today’s "AH HA" moment!

Hey y’all: Ok so after all my little pity party having self last night I realized that I was being a really self centered somebody! My “AH HA” Moment –Here I am married to a man who is working on building an entertainment empire while being a ‘stay at home’ Dad and I’m moaning about […]


Not so Happy Birthday to me

Hey Y’all: So today is my 35th birthday! Have you ever built your self up for something but didn’t prepare for the let down? I was really excited to celebrate my big day all week long… I’m really blessed and grateful to be in the land of the living But have you ever just felt […]

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Happy Halloween

Hey Y’all: I don’t celebrate Halloween but since they were asking the kiddies to dress up at school today I decided to go ahead and get Erick a costume. Well why did my son just want to wear his costume from last year? I don’t get it! Why did that little boy ask me to […]

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Top 10 Reasons Why…

Hey y’all! Today begins my top 10 list of Reasons Why… This list will range from Top 10 reasons why I love writing to the top 10 reasons why I hate the MTA! I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle. Be sure to leave your top 10 list! Top 10 Reasons Why… I love being a […]

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Adoption Wednesday

Hey y’all… as you read my blog you’ll start to learn lots about my family which consists of nine children, eight of which my mom adopted. So every Wednesday I’ll do a post about adoption or foster care on the domestic front. Here’s some information I got from TargetMarket News… According to the Administration for […]

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I’m Blogging!!!

Hey y’all welcome to Mrs Deveter’s Fabulous Journey. While HangingwithMrsCooper, listening to BlasianBabyNotes and relating to TheYoungMommyLife on a Magical Mocha Mom’s adventer at Walt Disney World, I was inspired to start my blog! Chilling with these ladies really got me to thinking so I had to AskWifey how to tweet and get down with […]