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The Pink Fund

Every October I get my pink yarn 2.0mm crochet hook and make ribbon earrings in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I’ve shared in years past that two of my aunts surcumed to the awful disease. My Auntie’s Ruby and Betty were amazing women who I loved immensely. Auntie Ruby was my second mother. My […]


Ladies… Have You Touched Yourself Lately?

What is breast cancer? Cancer is a group of diseases that cause cells in the body to change and grow out of control. Most types of cancer cells eventually form a lump or mass called a tumor, and are named after the part of the body where the tumor originates. Breast cancer begins in the […]

breast cancer awareness

Man Boobs! The Truth About Male Breast Cancer

Yes, men CAN get breast cancer. I read a powerful story about Bret Miller who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24! According to a Women’s Health article Bret was 17 when he first noticed the lump in his breast. His parents and doctors thought it would go away, thinking it was a calcium buildup […]

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Hello October! Domestic Violence & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I woke up this morning wishing I had closed the windows last night because there was a very crisp breeze going throughout the house.  Then I remembered… IT’S OCTOBER! This is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the year that Fall kicks into high gear, with the trees changing colors, pumpkins all […]