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Adoption Wednesday: The Mom Factor

Hey Y’all: This Christmas Miss Leah received her first baby doll and carriage. Her dad stared at her in awe because he couldn’t believe that his 20 month old daughter knew what to do with a baby doll. Is it just maternal instinct he kept asking me? Of course it is I told him, mommy’s […]

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Adoption Wednesday – How to Tell Your Child…

Hey Y’all: Now that you’ve decided to adopt a child, how do you explain to said little one who was adopted as an infant that they are not biologically yours? When you welcome an older child into your home this isn’t an issue, most times they know their history and who their biological family members […]

adoption wednesday foster care mommy

Adoption Wednesday – A Conversation with Marian Bennett

Hey Y’all: Finally took out some time to interview my Mom and get her answers to why she decided to become a Foster and Adoptive Mother. Now that your youngest child just turned 18 I thought I would pick your brain. Hope you have a little while for some questions that I can share with […]

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Adoption Wednesday: Foster Care

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another Adoption Wednesday post. Today I’d like to talk about a path to adoption that can help a child in need. Here are some steps to take to become a Foster Parent in NYS… I’m sure the steps are similar in most states sometimes even a bit simpler. The prospective foster […]

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Adoption Wednesday: Adopt Us Kids

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another adoption Wednesday. I recently read an article in the NY Times that spoke about children aging out of the foster care system. It made me really sad to know that Devin a 13 year old has been in foster care his ENTIRE life. This means he has been passed around […]

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Adoption Wednesday – The Bennett Family

Hey Y’all: Welcome to another Adoption Wednesday post. In this post you’ll find out why this topic is so important to me and the reason why I’ve dedicated a weekly blog post to it. My mom is the adoptive parent of eight children, five of which are biological siblings. My family consists of nieces, nephews […]

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Adoption Wednesday

Hey y’all… as you read my blog you’ll start to learn lots about my family which consists of nine children, eight of which my mom adopted. So every Wednesday I’ll do a post about adoption or foster care on the domestic front. Here’s some information I got from TargetMarket News… According to the Administration for […]