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Twin Tuesday: Fixin’ It

Hey Folks:

My daughter has a head full of beautiful locks.
I love putting cute braids, beads, barrettes and bows in it.
It takes a while to do but it’s always a joy.
I love doing her hair so I’m sure you could image the horror when she came home yesterday and I found her like this…

When she walked into the house the first thing I noticed was her hair or rather the lack thereof! Here’s how the brief conversation went.

Me: Mama what happened to your hair????
Me: WHAT??? Myles why did you cut your sister’s hair???
Myles: I was fixing it!
Me: Leah were is your hair?

She goes to her room and pulls her two locks (with beads still attached) out of her dresser draw and presents them to me!

I am floored y’all, I cannot believe:

  1. That he cut her hair
  2. He had scissors that close to her face
  3. She let him!

As sassy and self assured as she is; how in the world did she allow him to do this to her beautiful locks. Who told him that her hair needed fixing and WHERE THE HECK WAS THEIR DAD????
I am  not sure how long it will take her hair to grow back and I don’t know how long it will take me to get over this loss.
Who has a 3 yr old with bangs?

This is truly the life of a twin mom! I love them but Lord knows they cause me to pause! Often.

Here is a picture of her full head of hair pre Myles the barber!

How would you handle this situation? I yelled at everyone (husband included), called my mother and told on them and almost cried.

Until next time…

9 replies on “Twin Tuesday: Fixin’ It”

Oh my goodness!! Deveter!! Awwww 😦 I am floored right now, the kiddies do things I could never imagine. It'll grow back soon!


I really enjoyed the pics and story. There is something really reassuring to know I wasn’t the only kid to have the same loss. I cut all my hair off in the front in the 1st grade. I’m shocked I am here to even tell the mom was LIVID. Least for your daughter, school picture day isn’t today, LOL.  Trust me, her hair will grow back quicker than you think. In the meantime…flex your creativity braiding muscles! Owww!


omg…. 2 of my daughters cut there own hair when they were 2. lol its a lil funny and upsetting all at the same time. kids!!!


CUZZIN, i cant lie when i first saw the pic of her “hair cut” .. I FELL OUT LAUGHING!! lol.. the when i read the full story well……. I LAUGHED SOME MORE!! lol Sorry Cuz! this story is tooo funny.. BUt Im glad he didnt cut her by accident


Oh nooooo! I can relate to some degree. My daughter cut out one of her braids when she was about 5 or 6. She told me she just wanted to cut her hair. She did it in school. Your daughter's hair is still beautiful. You will just have to create some beautiful styles that compliment her new variety of lengths. That Myles! LOL 😉


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It’s Twin Tuesday and although there is so much that they have been doing of late that I could share today… this post screamed SHARE ME!! so here it goes.


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